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~ Historical Information Section~
Discover Ancient Egyptian Art and Egyptian History. Here is a brief historical resource of pictures and explanations about papyrus paper, the art of painting on walls of temples, tombs as well as on papyrus, and the religious meanings of such expressions. Also will you find here descriptions of the multiple Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, pharaohs and queens which form 3000 years of ancient Egyptian history and worldwide advance at the time. Check out our painting and Pharaonic art reproduction on papyurs anytime by clicking the "our products" icon. Enjoy the tour !!!
Below are three categories of information. Choose one by clicking on the respective picture or title .

Category 1

|What is Papyrus ? |

Discover the whole process of fabrication of papyrus paper, and what it is to start with !
Category 2

|Egyptian Wall Painting|

Discover the Ancient Egyptian history, culture and beliefs through the numerous wall paintings found in tombs and temples which describe the mythical ancient Kingdoms of Egypt. This fabulous era of pharaohs has left many mysteries! However the discovery of tombs and temples and hidden ancient rooms by archeologists has led to amazing discoveries !


Category 3

|Pharaonic Poeple|

Discover in this section who are the gods, goddesses, pharaohs and queens depicted on these wall and papyrus paintings.
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