Section: ~ Pharaonic Papyrus Paintings ~
Giant Size: 70x100 centimeters / 28x40 inches
Category: Colours / Vertical
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Price: $25 per painting
Ramses with Osiris and Horus
Tourist map of Egypt
Dancers of Nakht Ramses and Isis
Nefertiti Ramses purifying his wife Ramses and Hathor
Magic Board
Nefertari and Hathor  
Ancient Egyptian art: These paintings are reproductions on papyrus of famous Egyptian wall paintings and frescoes found in tombs and temples of pharaohs. Click on our "historical info" icon for more info. Painting quality: All these paintings are hand-painted using the finest colours. They glow with light and are very resistant. The pictures you see here are not reflective of the full beauty of the paintings! Categorisation: you are in the category "pharaonic paintings". To choose another section of our paintings click on the "our products" icon. To choose another size use the scroll menu "change?". Shopping system: When you press BUY, you are adding the painting to your shopping cart. You can then come back and shop for more, and check out to pay or modify the content of your cart at any time by clicking on the "view cart" icon. Other info: If you have questions regarding postage costs, shopping security or other issues, click on the "other info" icon.